Custom Fitting & Swing Room

Did you know that an individually custom fitted set of golf clubs will cost you the same price as any set off the shelf?
At Ashford Manor we pride ourselves on providing one of the most exceptional custom fit services in the South East of England and new visitors are always very welcome.
We are an “Official Custom Fit Centre” for Callaway, Titleist and Ping as well as holding trial clubs for all the major golf manufacturers. As such our custom fitting boasts thousands of variations in club specifications, ensuring that every individual is fitted perfectly for their own game. This provides the customer with the opportunity to try out all the latest equipment and to be advised of the perfect club specification for their own game with no favouritism to any particular brand. Our policy at Ashford Manor is to ensure that our customers can visit us with the knowledge and confidence that they will be advised on the best custom fit set of clubs for their own game, whatever the brand.
Why settle for what is in stock when you can have exactly what you need?

Swing Room
Bespoke built by PROSHOT SOLUTIONS our indoor swing room at Ashford Manor boasts the latest technology, including the Vector Launch Monitor which allows us to calculate precise ball flight, including launch angle, descent angle, back spin, side spin, ball speed and swing speed. The perfect tool for analysing your swing.
We are delighted to announce that shortly we shall be introducing a further addition to our state-of-the-art indoor teaching facility with our new practise dome. This will be the perfect area to see the true flight of the ball from the moment it leaves the face of the club. As well as providing a fantastic area to practise your technique it will allow golfers to see first-hand every type of shot with the ball travelling up to 30 meters. 
Technology and 1:1 Coaching
Whilst our swing room and the software that we use for analysing a player’s game are exceptional tools, they are only an aid and make up a small part of the tuition process. We pride ourselves on offering an expert understanding and explanation in our coaching to compliment this data and provide you with the best possible advice and guidance to develop your game whatever your aspiration on the golf course.
Please email or call Tony Healy our Director of Golf for tuition, advice on the latest equipment, to book a fitting or an appointment for a lesson.
Email: pro@amgc.co.uk / Tel: 01784 424645