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Wold Handicap System (WHS)
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World Handicap System. (WHS)
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Hopefully you have found the Player reference Guide on the WHS helpful. If you have not looked at this yet it is available on the AMGC web site under Documents, then Handicaps.
We are now moving into another important area to understand, Course Handicap.

What is Course Handicap?

A Course Handicap will determine the number of strokes a player will receive when playing from any set of tees on a given course. Before any player starts their round they must convert their Handicap Index into a Course Handicap.

Your handicap Index will be based on an average of your best 8 rounds taken from your last 20 rounds played. Please keep returning your cards to the pro shop even if you only play 8 holes. Category 1 golfers may now return supplementary scores as of 1st September 2020.

How to work out a Course Handicap?

The Course Handicap calculation is:
Handicap Index x (Slope Rating / 113) = Course Handicap

But don’t let this calculation concern you because working out a Course Handicap has been made simple.

England Golf provide Course & Slope Rating tables to all clubs ahead of the new System launching in November. These Course and Slope Rating Tables will be made available around the Club and is available on the Club web site under Documents, then Handicaps. So making it easy for you to find prior to beginning a round of golf.

The Slope Rating for AMGC are;
Men White Tees = 126
Men Yellow Tees = 126
Ladies Red Tees, 18 Holes = 129
Ladies Red Tees 9 Holes = 131

When playing simply choose the tees you are playing from for that day, plus for ladies the number of holes, then cross reference your Handicap Index on the Course & Slope Rating table to ascertain your Course Handicap. It really is as simple as that. then ready to get out on the course and play!

When playing in a competition remember to check the Handicap allowance for the Competition, adjust your Course Handicap to provide a Playing Handicap for the Competition.

Click on read more to view a helpful video, which will also be placed on the Club web site with the other Handicap documents.

If you have any questions please speak to Tony, Director of Golf.

Sent on behalf of the Golf & Greens Committee.

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Wednesday 28th October - Course fully OPEN. Preferred lies on the fairways and in the bunkers.
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