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Ashford Manor Golf Club

Ashford Manor Golf Club

Ashford Manor Golf Club

Ashford Manor Golf Club

Ashford Manor Golf Club

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Ashford Manor Golf Club

The original Ashford Manor house and grounds formed the home of the club back in the last century and still provides the modern facilities that is today Ashford Manor Golf Club. The bar provides a comfortable surrounding in which all of our members and guests can relax after a round of golf; enjoying a drink from our extensive range of beers, wines and soft drinks.

Apart from being able to enjoy light snacks in the bar, there is also a restaurant, serving a selection of hot dishes throughout the day for members and societies.


AMGC Junior Open

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  • Welcome to Ashford Manor Golf Club - 18 holes open , todays events - golf society ,preferred lies no longer apply, trolleys and buggies are permitted , have a lovely day,,

Current course condition – See Latest course condition above

 Golf and Green Member Communication

We have the Oak Processionary Moth on some of our oak trees. The larvae, or caterpillars, of the oak processionary moth (OPM; scientific name Thaumetopoea processionea) can affect the health of oak trees, people and animals. They feed on oak leaves, and large populations can strip trees bare, leaving them weakened and vulnerable to other threats. A substance in the caterpillars' tiny hairs can cause skin and eye irritations, sore throats and breathing difficulties in people and animals who come into contact with them. This is under the jurisdiction of the Forestry Commission and the forestry commission will be sending in their contractors sometime between the 1st April and 30th June to spray the effected trees twice during this period.

When members sign in guests to play a round, the club is required to take information regarding your guest, and enter this into our new software so please be patient with all pro-shop staff.

To maintain your Handicap and take part in competitions you simply need to put in three cards during the calendar year (January to December), they can be in competition or just supplementary cards when you play casually. Apart from category 1 golfers (below 5.5 handicap) there is no restriction on the number of supplementary cards you submit. For the purposes of assessing your handicap all nett scores over a double bogey are treated as one double bogey.

Maintaining a handicap is the responsibility of the player. The Unified Handicapping System is based on the premise that a player will endeavour to make the best score he can at each hole in every qualifying round he plays and will report all such rounds for handicap purposes.
Any player who fails to carry out any of the responsibilities imposed by the UHS is not entitled to a CONGU Handicap.

A reminder for all members regarding entries for competitions is, that these are always noted in the club diary. Details of the competitions are kept in a folder below the PSI machine, if new members have any queries please refer to your proposer and seconder for advice.


Course Status :-18 holes open  


Todays Events :-  golf society , preferred lies no longer apply , trolleys and buggies are permitted.


Current Course Opening Times are, Mon to Thurs 7.30am / Fri to Sun 7.00am

Stimp Reading - 10.2ft taken on 17/5/18 on the 9th green.

Rainfall for this month (May - 18) so far 26mm.

Previous months rainfall :-Apr 2018 113mm -Mar 2018 123mm -Feb 2018 47mm- Jan 2018 98mm - Dec 2017 92mm - Nov 2017 46mm - Oct 2017 12mm - Sept 2017 58mm - Aug 2017 59mm- July 2017 68mm -June 2017 32mm - May 2017 78mm - Apr 2017 9mm -Mar 2017 58mm -  Feb 2017 52mm - Jan 2017  91mm  - Dec 2016 21mm -  Nov 114mm - Oct 38mm - Sept 45mm - Aug  24mm - July 21 - June 150mm - May 70mm - Apr 63mm - March 71mm -Feb 61mm-  Jan16 131 - Dec 2015 112 -Nov 118mm - Oct 56mm - Sept 68mm - Aug 120mm -Jul 38mm -Jun 6mm -May 47mm - Apr 25mm - Mar 26mm - Feb 78mm - Jan 2015 108mm.

Golf Events at AMGC W/C :21/5/18

Mon - members course

Tues -  mixed  evening

Weds -  golf society

Thurs - ladies match

Fri - members course

Sat - mens medal

Sun - mens medal


W/C 28/5/18

Mon - millenium jug

Tues - jnr eve




Course Maintenance W/C 21/5/18

General day to day maintenance







AREA                       HOC                      GRASS TYPE                           CUTTING MODE

GREENS                 3MM                    BENT/POA ANNUA/FESCUE              CYLINDER

TEES                       10-15MM             FESCUE/RYE/POA ANNUA                CYLINDER

APRONS                 10-15MM             FESCUE/RYE/POA ANNUA                CYLINDER

FAIRWAYS             15-18MM             FESCUE/RYE/POA ANNUA                CYLINDER

ROUGH                   64MM                 FESCUE/POA ANNUA/RYE                ROTARY

BUNKER SURROUNDS  32-64MM               FESCUE / RYE / POA                         ROTARY


All of the above areas are maintained on a daily basis and maintained at hieghts of cut at which the Course Manager believes to be sustainable for AMGC all year round.The frequency of operations and changes to HOC's is subject to weather conditions and the amount of golf traffic and other resources e.g.( wear and tear / water constraints etc) on the course. This notice should be used as a guide only.Subject to change.



Please note:- All of the above is subject to changes in climate and resources so it may not always go according to plan.

Course Ettiquette

Members and Guests are politely reminded to repair pitchmarks on greens , replace divots on the fairways , utilise the divot boxes on tees where they are sited and dispose of litter in the bins provided.

Your co-operation is much appreciated.

Gary S Kenny


Course News Update

Following our recent STRI report and various agreed course policy improvements, the Course Manager would like to implement several points detailed below.
• Improved approach areas and green aprons.
• Programme to improve the 12 south facing bunkers identified in the STRI report by relaying of turf and improving the soil. This has already started with the practice bunker, 10th & 11th green side bunkers.
• A review of the busy playing calendar.
• Potential closure of 9 holes for a few hours at early periods in the week on an ad hoc basis to allow improvements to be carried our unimpeded.
• Coring of tees and fairways through the winter.
• Utilisation and storage of mains water to avoid arid times and abstraction licence restrictions.
• We are aware there are worn areas on the playing area, which are in the process of recovery and hindered by our limited sub soil structure. To help improve this situation for the future we are considering the adoption of a coring programme.
• A course policy document has been discussed with the Course Manager to determine a template for daily, and weekly programmes to provide greater consistency of course condition.











Local weather

“A fantastic day of golf Greens and fairways in fantastic condition. Club facilities are first class and members very friendly to us who were a society playing there. Thoroughly recommend playing here.” GOLFSHAKE.COM
“There is little wonder that this Club is so popular, for in winter it is one of the driest courses around London and in summer is a thing of beauty.”

Quote from the early 1900's, still vaild today.

“The course was in excellent condition as it always is.” GOLFSHAKE.COM
“lovely golf course, really fast true greens tight but fair, will play again” GOLFSHAKE.COM